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A colourful journey

From times immemorial, the whole world has been based on a huge barter system. While it used to be very simple to begin with: bananas for milk, milk for vegetables, etc., we long moved on to bigger and increasingly complicated things. Food, money, land, set in and this were still comprehensible. Then came futures, derivatives and the forms of exchange that only existed in people’s heads, not physically. We’ll talk of this some other day. Today, let’s keep it simple and just talk about the barter. 

Acknowledging the existence of this barter system in order for all of us to survive well within this spectrum is important. You have knowledge, someone needs it. Someone manufactures something you need. The barter though not exactly one-to-one, you do get the drift. The eco-system revolves around this theory. In order to make a good, honest barter, we must strive to put forth our best offering to whoever wants it. This makes us special and unique. If the offering is available in abundance and there is just no differentiator between them, it usually settles for lesser value in exchange. Our loss, eventually. However, if indeed the honest barter continues to exist and grow, it will help everyone get the better from each other and make a forever improving world.

The source of all inspiration is the energy around us. Colours, lights, family, friends passing positive vibes to each other becomes a huge collective mood lifter. The huge festival of lights just went by this month. Hope you found love with your families, warmth from your friends, inspirations from your surroundings and the true light from within yourselves. Let the spirits be high forever, let the vibes be positive always. We owe it to each other to barter goodness to make the whole world better for everyone in it.

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