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Human skills for a more humane techno world

What came first? Chicken or egg? Don’t know. It will remain an age old unanswered question and a favourite rhetorical at that! 

Who was the weaker side in the Mahabharata war? The Kauravas or the Pandavas? Did the presence of Krishna tilt the favour towards the Pandavas? Did the absence of Barbarik make the sides neutral? Don’t know and it remains subject to our own favourite picks!

What would you choose? Pots of money or a peaceful happy life? Then again, is happiness dependent on money….or it really is a state of mind? 

Is democracy really the better governance mode? Or were we better off with kings and rulers? 

And more closer home…….

What is more important? Human touch or artificial intelligence? Ah! Finally a more relevant question for us ‘technology’ people, eh? 

I would fight the urge to let this question get a rhetorical status unlike the many others above! Here’s my take;

Moving forward, technology services companies have some strange threats. Not that these are new but definitely these occupy centre-stage and more so in the future. Threats come in the form of what they need to build into the psyche of their teams who will take their technology and services to the market.

In our near-future world, the most important skills that will be needed are centred around examples like…..

  • Critical thinking 
  • Creativity
  • People Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Service Orientation

Read, human touch in each of these?  Oh yes! Couple these with your Artificial Intelligence, machine integration and learning, iOT and other such future technologies. 

Who will you sell AI to? Human beings. Who are the consumers of iOT? Human beings. Who will connect ML with commercial applications? Human beings. Who will say what integration is required between man and machine? Human beings.

Both are needed. Both are critical. Both are imperative for growth. Both are the future. Technology will grow beyond human understanding. Humans will evolve beyond pre-programmes ‘artificial’ intelligence. Hand-in-hand. No chicken-egg there. Period. 

AAKIT’s approach to technology using Design Thinking, thus keeping human centricity intact is our best step forward in this fast moving business world. This is our way of bringing technology to human beings. This is our way of winning. 

Happy technology to you, fellow humans! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. 

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