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For the people, by the people

The more and more I interact with people, talk about technology or hear about huge transformation projects, the more it becomes clearer to me that the skills, knowledge, technology, etc., are all but a small contributor towards the goal of total transformation. That, my friends, still remains with people. The platforms for communication may have become easier and plentiful, but what makes or breaks each one of them is people who would effectively use them.

Transition or change from what is to what should be is truly governed by the various people involved in this whole exercise. How well the needs are articulated, how well they are transformed into workable solutions, how easy the solutions for the people to use, how effective these solutions are towards the overall goal, how smooth has been the communication to all people involved, how inclusive has been this exercise, how respectful towards the user community, how deep rooted in its thought process orientation? Well, these are questions asked by people not systems. Systems are meant to work well. The technical guys would ensure that. What nobody can/should assume is an automatic adaptation of change. This should necessarily be a conscious scope topic in any project. That is why an important component of managing projects is managing people. Not their time or cost or quantifiable contributions, but their mind-sets, their fears, their feelings. It is the collective feeling of the group that will make or break the success story.

Here’s to a fun-filled time ahead!

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