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The business landscape has undergone a complete overhaul in the last couple of years, forcing organizations to pivot and learn to grow with scalability, reliability, and a futuristic agenda in mind.

Specifically for small and midsize companies (SMEs), the hastened pace of digitalization has wholly transformed how leaders approach technology to augment and enhance their value chains and change how things function.

Indeed, organizations lose out on the bigger picture when tons of poorly organized transactional data, routine, short-term queries, and competitors’ moves take away their attention from what’s most important. On top of this, many significant pieces of information get stored away in different physical locations, causing even more delays and dissatisfaction. While most SMEs have adopted technologies to adapt and innovate, there will come a time when the business may outgrow the technology’s potential.

And that’s where SAP is vying to explore this possibility and provide ready-to-run cloud solutions for all functions, including finance, procurement, customer relationship management, sales, HR, and a lot more that empower businesses.

Indeed, SAP offers smart solutions with predictable pricing that help businesses scale as they grow with proven ROI.  No wonder 80% of SAP’s customers are small and midsize companies that rely on SAP’s expert partners to tackle their biggest business challenges.

Let’s explore further common business challenges and how SAP for small and midsize companies helps tackle those.

Common Operational Roadblocks for Small and Midsized Companies

As discussed above, small and midsize businesses face business challenges and roadblocks that deter them from their actual goals and restrict growth possibilities. Here are some of the challenges faced by small and medium businesses.

  1. Lack of visibility into supply chains: It is one of the most common challenges every company faces. Lack of visibility into supply chains to predict product availability with certainty leads to a loss in orders.
  2. Growing demand for personalization: Today, customer expectations have evolved at levels, demanding the kind of personalization that makes it hard for businesses to anticipate every need and offer the right product at the right place and at the right time.
  3. Hybrid work setup: With the hybrid setup of working becoming almost a norm worldwide, SMEs are struggling to engage their best and brightest remote talent and retain employees.
  4. Challenge with gathering data insights: In today’s times, innovation is the name of the game, compelling businesses to develop the know-how to discover hidden insights within the data they collect daily and develop intelligent, bespoke products that personalize customer engagement.
  5. Lack of visibility into systems and processes: The biggest obstacle is the inability to make sense of disparate company systems and processes and get an eagle-eye view of what’s happening within the organization.

Despite these hindrances, SAP cloud solutions for SMEs offer out-of-the-box solutions, processes, and industry practices for every function that drive efficiency and help growing companies innovate and stay competitive amidst business risk.

Grow your business with SAP solutions for small businesses and midsize companies

In SAP’s own words, “For every growing pain, there’s an SAP solution.” Indeed, SAP solutions help SMEs move swiftly, drive productivity, outdo competitors, adapt to changing business scenarios, and innovate quickly.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) software for SMEs

Reduce time-to-market with a connected, sustainable, agile, and resilient supply chain that enables risk-resilient SCM operations. Respond quickly to changes in supply and demand and ensure the highest CSAT.

  • SAP Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for small and midsize companies

Empower every process — demand, supply chain, and delivery with SAP CRM for small businesses and midsize companies that connects every piece of data across the customer value chain and enables end-to-end insights that improve loyalty, revenue, and customer retention.

  • SAP S/4 HANA Cloud for ERP and Finance

A fully extensible ERP solution with ready-to-work processes founded on proven industry practices for delivering positive business outcomes with the latest technology and innovation, up to 50% lower implementation costs, and 40-60% quicker time to value.

  • SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite

Redefine EX management with data-driven insights to understand what employees want, how they work, and what keeps them ticking with SAP HXM supported by core HR, payroll, onboarding, and succession planning solutions.

  • SAP Business Network and spend management solutions

Create agile, resilient, and transparent operations with a comprehensive B2B collaboration platform that helps businesses respond to disruptions, ensure timely product delivery, and build zero-waste supply chains. Ensure greater control over spending with SAP Ariba for direct and indirect spending and SAP Concur for travel and expense.

Real-life Success Stories

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