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Access to reliable data and information is no longer sufficient for organizations to innovate in the modern business environment; instead, they must be able to react swiftly to shifting market conditions to succeed.

This adaptability to market and global upheavals, such as shifting customer expectations and behaviors and changing personnel requirements, is critical to future success. It stands true for both small organizations and multinational corporations.

According to a 2021 study by Gartner, nearly 23% of growth in the last year came from the global market for low-code tools, and 41% of non-IT personnel now create or modify programs according to business needs. As a part of low-code solutions to augment business automation, SAP Build is a key component of the SAP Business Technology Platform.

What is SAP Build?

SAP Build is a low-code solution that helps accelerate development and automation. The solution enables organizations to accelerate their digital transformation.

Using SAP Build you can Create apps, automate processes, and design business sites with drag-and-drop simplicity.

SAP Build Capabilities

  • Build Visually – SAP Build Capabilities enable customers to build visually, using drag-and-drop tools and intuitive interfaces. This allows users to quickly and easily design, configure, and deploy applications with no coding. By leveraging the SAP Build capabilities, customers can quickly create rich, interactive applications that streamline business processes, drive greater efficiency, and reduce operational costs. The tools are designed to be easy to use and are backed by a comprehensive library of pre-configured components, integration APIs, and data connectors.
  • Integrate Seamlessly – SAP Build capabilities help customers integrate their SAP solutions, applications, and systems with each other and with other systems and applications.
  • Collaborate Effectively –  With its feature of seamless integration, SAP Build helps businesses leverage technologies like cloud-based tools with development teams to establish communication protocols like lifecycle management and built-in governance.

SAP Build Solutions

SAP Build Apps

SAP Build Apps allows users to simply develop apps by utilizing a wide range of functions and services. One of the distinctive features includes the drag-and-drop functionality, which enables the user to create UIs without developer skills.

Furthermore, visual flow functions allow for the creation of any type of reasoning. The logic visualization enables users to employ a specific style, clear development, and advanced theme from built-in formula specifications.

The seamless integration allows SAP Build Apps to integrate modern APIs with the REST APIs. Users can explore and set up custom external connectors with due integration assistance.

SAP Build Process Automation

SAP Build Process Automation provides seamless integration of SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation with an intuitive user interface for citizen developers. This, in turn, allows businesses to comprehensively manage workflow automation using visual features with no coding expertise.

SAP Build Process Automation offers the new citizen automation user experience through capabilities like the process builder and the forms builder. Besides advanced workflow management capabilities such as business rules, process visibility, and process flexibility, AI can also be integrated into the system to control automation or applications.

In addition, SAP Build Process Automation offers the possibility to add application development capabilities to process automation, whether it is citizen apps or pro-code programs.

SAP Build Work Zone

SAP Build Work Zone extends and enriches the digital workplace by integrating SAP technologies. The optimal scenario for effective cooperation and integration in a single, unified experience is achieved through the interplay of all SAP Build components.

A business can integrate SAP Build Work Zone with external and other SAP applications on-premises and in the cloud; this includes collaborating with third-party programs such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online for Microsoft Office 365. Additionally, a business can combine SAP Build apps with its custom-built software to create even more user-specific applications that improve productivity. One can create dynamic, contemporary, and personalized user experiences using tools that need minimal coding.

SAP Build comes packed with integration capabilities with other enterprise systems, such as SAP HANA, SAP Business Suite, and SAP Cloud Platform. This enables organizations to integrate their existing IT systems with the low-code platform seamlessly. SAP Build can help organizations leverage their data and make informed decisions.

Benefits of SAP Build in Enhancing Business Agility

SAP Build helps organizations reduce the time spent on manual processes and tasks while allowing them to focus more on core business operations. The benefits include:

Data-Driven Informed Decisions

According to a survey, the pandemic has given 80% of data-driven enterprises a significant competitive advantage. With the help of SAP BTP products like SAP Build, SAP Analytics, and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, businesses were able to complete all tasks required to interpret data and generate cutting-edge insights that speed up decision-making.

Curating a Unified Workflow

SAP Build  is a powerful tool that helps businesses automate their workflows to create a unified process. Companies can easily configure, deploy and monitor their automated processes, ensuring that their operations remain consistent and optimized. SAP Build also features an easy-to-use visual designer, allowing users to create complex integration sequences quickly.

With SAP Build’s intuitive user experience and robust features, organizations can maximize workflow efficiency with minimal effort and cost. 50% of companies are shifting to low-code solutions to replace mundane business processes. SAP Build provides an effective solution for companies looking to streamline their business processes while keeping costs low.

Real-Time Insights

SAP Build is uniquely positioned to offer real-time insights into business process automation. SAP’s integrated stack of SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform offers an array of innovative capabilities that connect back-end processes with front-end visualization in one solution, giving users a holistic view of their operations. SAP HANA helps businesses quickly ingest, aggregate, and analyze data across sources. On the other hand, the SAP Cloud Platform provides cloud-native technologies for the rapid development, deployment, and management of applications.

Combining these two robust offerings unlocks the ability for teams to access near real-time analytics on their transactions, identify issues before they become costly problems, and make proactive decisions based on actionable insights.

Summing Up

SAP Build bridges the gap between process automation and insights, providing organizations of all sizes an opportunity to optimize operational performance.  By leveraging the power of SAP Build, organizations can reduce manual labor, improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, design business sites, and quickly address ever-changing requirements. SAP Build also helps organizations reduce costs by eliminating human errors, ensuring accuracy, and maintaining compliance with business rules.

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