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For all the do-ers out there

In this big big technology world where a daily dose of knowledge derived out of the combination of newspapers, various news feeds from the internet, LinkedIn posts, Quora articles, etc etc. is required to literally ‘stay afloat’ or ‘in-touch’ / ‘updated’ with the happenings around us, it’s a daily challenge to break out and do something else with your skills. Yet, the world has come to accept our industry as the one ‘running it’ and not just ‘supporting it’. Huge opportunity that and even bigger responsibility. And our lot has all kinds to keep this sentiment going and it really takes all kinds to make our IT world complete.

So this one is for……..

  • The intellectual colleagues
  • The persistence techies
  • The fidgety bunch o’ newbies
  • The dying-to-create-something-new youngsters
  • The customer-is-God believers
  • The monotonous maintenance folks
  • The deadline acheivers
  • The super-finicky quality gatekeepers
  • The prize go-getters
  • The consistent solution providers
  • The highly-tuned business ambassadors
  • The smoking their ways through the rough days (and nights?) puff-masters
  • The always-making-it-right fellows
  • The argumentative-of-every-idea varieties
  • The 9-5ers, the 9-9ers, the 9-forevers!!
  • The brains behind the million-dollar ideas, the brawn behind the brain
  • The chaotic lot, the structure to the chaos
  • The drama-queens, the sideys
  • The team leads, the team members
  • The on-stage award winners, the guys-behind-the awards by-standers
  • The rolling-up-the-sleeve guys, the impeccable Armani suit guys
  • The constantly lecturing fellows, the constantly lectured fellows
  • The rule breakers, the rule benders, the rule followers
  • The painfully preachy ones, the painfully preached ones

This is for all of us. Thank you for the variety and spice in life. Thank you for making our world colourful, enjoyable, intellectually-stimulating and responsible place to be in! Proud to be a part.

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