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Express expression

Expression is critical to progress. We do live in a free country and have the privelege of this freedom. How lucky!

Digital age presents a vast range of avenues to express. You can take to any socializing platform to express yourself. Numbers, presentations, theory, books, sketches, poetry, articles, blogs, music, drama are just some of the few forms of expression. These various forms of expression have garnered different kinds of audience. Some love poetry, others music, yet others dance. If your thoughts are taking you somewhere, you can choose to express in these different ways and your audience will find you. Your thoughts can be anything……a great idea, an angry backlash, an inspiration, a confusion, some love, some statement of fact, a concept, or whatever. 

But it is critical to express is my very very strong opinion. One might say, it’s a freedom, so we choose not to express – this is our way of enjoying that freedom. Why, though? We talk about difference of opinions, generation gaps, mindsets, judgemental issues, etc. How do you get a buy in to move towards progress, unless you express. Speak out now or forever hold your peace. It is really the responsibility of every human being to contribute. To anything at all. 

So dear friends, have an opinion, say it. Let there be a flurry of thoughts. Let there be chaos. From this will emerge a unique theory, a new invention or a remarkable idea taking us to yet another success story!

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