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Staying relevant always

I’m writing in from the super hot and super humid Chennai city! As I walk down the streets I see people’s faces and wonder if the number 1 thought on their minds is indeed a cold beverage and a comfortable couch in an air conditioned room to crash in! It really cannot be the market prices or the general elections or global economy. These topics will acquire centre stage only AFTER relaxing in the comfy couch with the full blast A/C! 

This really brings me to my subject of this conversation: ‘relevance’ 

At different stages of any lifecycle, different topics are important. Mapping relevant solutions to the burning needs is what makes service industry thrive. 

Speaking of economies, the services inflation which is actually a silent element constitutes the major portion of the total inflation. If you really compare the materials inflation it isn’t alarming. But consider any service and you’ll realise how it’s grown seriously out of proportion. School fees for example, salaries of domestic help, etc etc are glaring at us in everyday life. While this is true, it is very very difficult to prove how the service itself has changed or improved significantly to warrant such an inflated price.

Same difference with our business too. For the customer, the service looks or seems the same. Inflation, competition and other such factors warrant significant price hikes. The problem of plenty seems to be the order of the day. Too many players offering similar services! 

In all this, what can really help? Staying relevant, probably! Making sure the problems, current needs and business requirements of the customers are understood and we tune ourselves to meet them. If this can be continuously done, then the customer will see real value in our service to him at a seemingly inflated price point! 

Here’s to staying relevant!

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